Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Public Service Announcement, Healey Style

While women's groups like the Jane Doe Fund have expressed outrage at Kerry Healey's recent ad campaign again linking her rival, DevalPatrick, with a convicted rapist, I would like to thank the Lieutenant Governor for doing us and other voters a great service.

Here I was, concerned that my wife and I can't afford to buy a home or raise a child in the "Commonwealth," that our property taxes and healthcare premiums have skyrocketed, and that much of coastal Mass, where we now live, will be under water in the next 100-200 years unless greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced. Thanks to the Healey campaign, though, I now know that my wife will be raped if I vote for Deval Patrick, the African American candidate for governor. Clearly, my other concerns are trivial next to the danger the Healey campaign says I now face.

I don't know where Healey stands on all those other "silly" issues I was worried about. I don't really know what she's done to make her qualified to be governor, other than be the silent partner of a guy -Mitt Romney - who doesn't really seem to like Massachusetts very much. But I know she doesn't like rapists. Thank God we live in a democracy where that - and $7.2M of your own money - is all it takes to raise your standing in the polls.


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