Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Schmidt Sandwich for Bush

Can you imagine what life must have been like for Ohio rep Jean Schmidt over the last couple of days? On Friday (Nov 18) the first term Congresswoman attacks Iraq war critic John Murtha, a 30-year member of the House who also happens to be a 37 year member of the Marine Corps, by calling him a coward. That gets her hooted off the floor of the Congress.

The reception she got from her colleagues in the House, though, was three cheers in comparison to the call she must have received from the White House after her little stunt. The Administration counter-offensive against critics of the war in Iraq was just beginning to pick up steam when Schmidt's foot landed in her mouth, forcing the President and his staff to greatly tone down their rhetoric. How happy do you think Bush was to have to say this of one the most credible critics of Administration policy in Iraq:

"(Murtha) is a fine man, a good man, who served our country with honor and distinction as a Marine in Vietnam and as a United States congressman. He is a strong supporter of the United States military. And I know the decision to call for an immediate withdrawal of our troops by Congressman Murtha was done in a careful and thoughtful way."

That's a lot of humble pie for a man raised on Texas bull. Only way to cleanse his palette of the taste of Schmidt sandwich, I suppose.


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