Thursday, October 27, 2005

Poor Marksman

Well, if the T "Aims to Ease Red Line Disruptions," so far the early returns say that they're just wide of the broad side of a barn.

Another breakdown this morning. This time, the doors on one of the cars at North Quincy wouldn't open. They had to offload one jam packed rush hour train, then cram the commuters onto another.

People were pissed (ROYALLY), but fatalistic. When I suggested to some grousing commuters that they get in touch with our state senator, they just sneered. What's the use? They're all in cahoots, they said.

Terrific example of effects of right wing chutzpah. For years we've been told what a bunch of crooks people in government are, and that they can't do anything right. Then, a few years ago, the funding formula for the MBTA was changed. The burden for paying for the service fell more proportionately on its working class riders. Not surprisingly, the T has been strapped for cash since then. We've seen two fare increases and service cutbacks. Now we're starting to see the transit system break down. See? I TOLD you public services were incompetent!

Got to South Station finally and the train was actually held for a schedule adjustment. Hunh? Isn't that only supposed to happen when the trains are running ahead of schedule. I got off the train and decided to walk a few blocks to Downtown Crossing. The conductor was sticking his head out of the window like Puxatawney Phil on Groundhog Day. I turned to him and laughed as I headed for the exit.

"What?!" he said.


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